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This week the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner released its inaugural Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme 12-month Insights Report. After 12 months of compulsory reporting 964 incidents have been reported – approximately 20 per week. Data breaches caused by malicious actors accounted for 60% of data breaches, 35% human error and 5% system fault. While the report shows a long way to go in educating users and administrators in protecting PII, it demonstrates that cyber defence remains the main game.


60% of data breaches are caused by malicious actors

35% caused by human error

5% caused by system fault

Phishing and spear phishing continue to persist as highly effective methods by which entities are compromised, with 153 instances reported (16 % off all incidents). The report acts as a timely reminder to ask yourself the question, is my business protected against a data breach? Adopting responsible data protection policies and allocating adequate resources to cyber security can go a long way to ensure protection measures are in place.

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