/01Interactive acquires Slipstream Cyber Security

Interactive is pleased to announce its acquisition of Slipstream Cyber Security.

/02A critical point for Australian enterprises

The acquisition strengthens Interactive’s position in the market as a cyber security leader set on demystifying the cyber landscape and significantly improving the cyber posture of Australian organisations.

Overnight, Interactive more than doubles its cyber security team to over 60 specialists, adding to its already 600 plus multi-skilled technology professionals across the business. It’s the first cyber security acquisition of its kind for Australia’s 35-year-old managed service provider, amplifying its existing, rapidly growing cyber security business.

Interactive’s Executive Chairman, Brendan Fleiter, says the acquisition comes at a critical point for Australian enterprises as the country reaches a cyber maturity impasse.

“Australian organisations are facing into daily, even hourly, threats to their operations, as well as their peoples’ and customers’ livelihoods. The path to staying secure isn’t as easy as putting a padlock on the front door anymore.”



Founded by Brian Smith in 2017, Slipstream Cyber Security is a specialised firm that offers 24/7 cyber defence including an Australian-based cyber security operations centre, managed detection and response and penetration testing. For organisations in need of immediate incident response, Slipstream Cyber Security’s highly regarded Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) capability delivers mission critical assistance during a cyberattack.

In the last two years, Slipstream Cyber Security has tripled its customer base and become a trusted security partner for organisations in need of rapid response and recovery, as well as continuous cyber security defence.

Cyber attacks are surging year on year. The latest report 1 from the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) found a 26% increase in breach notifications between July and December 2022 compared with January to June 2022. The report identified system breaches as the most consistent reason behind these breaches, indicating companies are unprepared to defend themselves.

“For many enterprises the road to cyber resilience is a maze of vendors, skills shortages and ongoing risks and regulation. Our mission is to clear the path for these organisations so they can operate securely, confidently and faster”, continued Fleiter.

Interactive is the trusted technology partner for thousands of customers across Australia. It prides itself on delivering exceptional service in cyber security, multi-cloud, business continuity, data centres and hardware maintenance.

“We’re proud of our longstanding industry partnerships that make our service as strong as it is today. We’ve been partners with Slipstream Cyber Security since 2019 and we’re excited to take this next step with them. The team at Slipstream Cyber Security is a superb addition to ours, not only for their expertise but importantly for their customer and people centred approach to cyber security.” said Fleiter.

The acquisition of Slipstream Cyber Security will deliver to Interactive’s customers a world class, cutting edge cyber security service backed by a team of over 60 cyber security specialists.

CEO and co-founder of Slipstream Cyber Security, Brian Smith, said, “We’re excited to join the Interactive team. Its reputation as a technology solutions provider that people can trust is critically important to us. Not only does combining our companies create a formidable, nation-wide security capability, but it also provides our people with a unique opportunity to grow their careers across the technology sector”.

Brian Smith will play a leading role at Interactive, and his entire team will join Interactive to play a pivotal role in streamlining cyber security for Australian organisations.

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