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CEO at Slipstream Cyber Security

Many organisations across Australia have been targeted with the Emotet trojan in recent weeks. While originally a banking trojan targeting online transactions, Emotet has become a virtual swiss army knife able to perform a range of malicious activities. From stealing data, launching new attacks, moving laterally within victim domains, dropping ransomware, Emotet has demonstrated the rapid evolution of malware over the last few years. Phishing is its main delivery technique but sadly many email security gateway tools have proven ineffective. Emotet also displays clever persistence and anti-detection properties making it hard to find and eradicate. File-less and polymorphic trojans like Emotet can evade many traditional anti-virus tools, meaning non-signature based tools are now a must.


Carbon Black’s next-generation end point security monitors and disrupts a range of Emotet behaviours to stop these attacks. Read more about how you can defend against this threat with next generation end point security from our partner Carbon Black, Inc.

At Slipstream Cyber Security we use Carbon Black and other cutting-edge tools to combat file-less malware as part of our managed detection and response (MDR) capability. MDR can be operational in under a day and provides 24/7/365 coverage from our Australian-based security operations centre. For more information go to our website or call us on 1800 931 414 (Aus.)

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