The International Accreditation Forum (IAF) has now published Transition Requirements for organisations transitioning to ISO27001: 2022 when it is published this year (latest advice is likely to be October). Organisations will have a transition period of 3 years.


The requirements document confirms that ISO27001: 2022 is not a fully revised Standard. The key changes have already been published as ISO27002: 27002.

Organisations seeking assistance with their ISO27001 implementation or transition to new controls in Annex A should contact Slipstream for a free no obligation discussion.

Dr Edward Phelps, Slipstream’s Head of Consulting said:

“Organisations looking for guidance on the transition to the updated Standard will be pleased to hear there is a 3 year transition period. The point I would emphasise is not to delay any cyber secure activity. The key new material in ISO27001 has already been published as ISO27002 and organisations can use this guidance to begin refreshing their control environment now.”

Click here to download the IAF Publication.

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