Cybercriminals can penetrate 93% of company networks

What happens if an attacker breaches your network through a successful phishing attempt or otherwise? How exposed are your data and systems to further exploitation? How vulnerable are your key internet-facing applications and infrastructure to attack from cyber criminals?

An expert-led penetration test from Slipstream Cyber will simulate the techniques real attackers use to answer these questions and provide actionable advice on the risk and remediation options.



Our reports are written in plain English to enable non-technical audiences to understand the results and risks, whilst containing all the technical details required for remediation.

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Slipstream employs a dedicated team of experienced security consultants who are passionate about cyber and are continually upping their game to stay one step ahead of the attackers.

Slipstream’s Incident Response and Security Operations Centre see new active cyber-attacks daily. For us, it’s not theoretical. That practical experience feeds into everything else we do and so our penetration testers are testing for vulnerabilities to real attacks, ensuring we keep our clients ahead of emerging threats.

We understand that our customers have businesses to run and need to be assured that they can do so safely and securely with Slipstream’s team acting as an extension of their own. We deliver the specialist tools, techniques, skills and experience to defend against the latest cyber threats, from the banal to highly sophisticated.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many different penetration tests. Which one is best suited for my organisation?

Slipstream offers a wide range of penetration testing such as cloud networks, web applications, mobile applications, external networks, internal, wireless networks, social engineering, operational testing and more.

Penetration testing arrangements typically differ depending on your organisation’s industry, size, digital footprint, and relevant regulations. To consider which type of penetration testing is best suited for your organisation, chat to Slipstream’s security consultants if you’re in doubt.

How often should my organisation conduct a penetration test?

The frequency of conducting a penetration test will differ from organisation to organisation. Some influencing factors include:

  • Industry-specific regulations
  • How often the environment changes
  • Size of the environment and network

Ultimately, the frequency of penetration testing is adjusted to meet the unique needs of the organisation. Testing too infrequently allows for a window that increases an organisation’s risk exposure. On the other hand, if testing is done too frequently, there is inadequate time to remediate before testing resumes. Therefore, Slipstream generally recommends penetration testing to be conducted every 6 – 12 months, as well as providing remediation advice.

How long does it take to do a penetration test?

The duration of the penetration testing relies upon the kind of testing, the sort and wide variety of systems and any engagement constraints. Normal pentests have an average duration of 1 – 3 weeks.

How much does it cost for penetration testing?

At Slipstream, our highly skilled Penetration Testing consultants have years of experience in cyber security. The customised price of a penetration test will depend on your server, systems and applications. To find out more about penetration testing and the costs associated, contact one of our specialists today.


Our testers hold industry standard certifications such as OSCP, CRT and CISSP and have experience across all industry sectors. We are experts at network and application penetration testing and deliver to the standards expected of all common compliance regulations.


Secure your business against cyber threat

Secure your business against cyber threat

Get started today with a penetration test from Slipstream and get your business ready for the latest cyber security threats.

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