Slipstream offers a suite of enterprise-grade security monitoring, threat detection, and response services. Combining a range of world-leading technologies covering SIEM, EDR, CASB, XDR NAS, UTM and more, with a robust process, AI and Orchestration, best-in-class Threat Intelligence and an expert human layer, Slipstream can provide a tailored Managed Detection and Response service for organisations of all sizes and sectors.

SOC & Managed SIEM

The cornerstone of our Active Defence and MDR (Managed Detection and Response) service offering is the Security Operations Centre. As a true 24×7, sovereign operation, our SOC team uses world-class SOAR and SIEM technologies to correlate data from a range of sensors and data sources, with our advanced threat intelligence, to swiftly respond to threats.

Managed Detection & Response

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) reduces risk of a breach and harm to your business significantly. It gives businesses and organisations peace of mind, knowing a team of dedicated security professionals are positioned between them and the threat. Our next generation endpoint detection and response capability provide deep insights into device operating systems, applications, and user behaviours to search for known, and surface unknown, threats. Your security depends on our superiority over the threat; Slipstream’s experienced analysts understand and excel at this.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Slipstream’s managed vulnerability service provides regular scanning and vulnerability identification. Curated by experts, Slipstream ensures false positives are minimised and remediation advice is relevant, enabling you to:

  • Understand the attack surface
  • Identify patching risks
  • Respond to vulnerability-related threats more effectively
  • Identify opportunities to improve architecture, segmentation and other controls
  • Report on patching and systems maintenance compliance

OT Network Threat Monitoring

Operational Technology network threat monitoring, integrated into Slipstream’s SOC platform, allows:

  • Asset discovery, tracking and network visualisation
  • Risk monitoring and vulnerability assessment
  • Anomaly and threat detection
  • Identification and rapid response to threats

Network Traffic Analysis

Use of network traffic analysis tools augment SIEM and MDR solutions, allowing greater network visibility by identifying:

  • Network traffic anomalies not apparent at the endpoint
  • Non-compliant assets
  • Misconfigurations

Dark Web Intelligence

More information makes its way on to the dark web than people realise. Unfortunately, breaches occur more often than businesses would like to admit. Knowing if your data is on the dark web is a vital step in securing your business. Using our proprietary platform, Slipstream provides managed Dark Web Scanning services, alerting when your information is published in marketplaces or other repositories.

Threat Hunting

Threat hunting occurs at three levels – tactical, operational, and strategic. Slipstream utilises a wide range of intelligence, including MITRE ATT&CK to understand adversary intent and tactics to drive active hunting for threats not detected by traditional means. Threat hunting supports organisations who may be concerned with Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), engaged in major transformation projects, mergers and acquisitions, or international deployments.

Threat Intelligence Services

Slipstream takes an intelligence-led approach to Cybersecurity. Slipstream’s threat intelligence is an integral function of our strategic support and defence capabilities.

Our capability is supported by Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and a multitude of closed-sources, including analysis of the geopolitical climate, partnerships with the Australian government and invaluable industry experience.

Q-Threat, our proprietary threat intelligence database, collates Intelligence that is curated by Slipstream’s dedicated analysts. Slipstream generates significant intelligence from internal sources including Digital Forensic and Incident Response (DFIR) investigations and day-to-day Active Defence operations to provide an exceptional level of contemporary, locally-focussed and current intelligence.

CASB (Cloud Access Security Brokerage) & Secure Web Gateway

Slipstream provides sound web-based threat protection not only within the office environment but for any device in a remote workforce. Slipstream’s Secure Web Gateway can protect against known or suspected threats, with additional integration capabilities for Q-Threat.

We manage cloud application and user risks through our managed Cloud Access Security Broker platform, detecting and preventing sensitive information from leaving your environment.

Case study

Multi-national Resources Company


Slipstream provides 24/7 SOC services for a multi-national resources company headquartered in Perth.
This service is a co-sourced managed security service, with Slipstream Cyber working closely with the client SOC.


A large distributed and complex networking environment, including IT and OT touchpoints, Slipstream works with the Client’s Security Operations Centre and Cyber Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) for the detection and response of threats to the business.

The service includes monitoring and responding to the threats identified in the environment, escalation and support to the CSIRT, daily and weekly briefings, providing tactical and strategic threat intelligence regarding known IOCs (Indicators of Compromise) and the tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs) threat actors are deploying in their attacks.

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