Strategic Planning and capability optimisation are at the heart of all effective Security Operations. Our consultants are multidisciplinary with real-world pragmatism, working as an extension of your team to understand your organisational context and the appropriate threat and risk landscape to develop and execute fit-for-purpose cyber maturity improvement programmes.

We work with leading frameworks such as ASD-8, NIST, CIS-18, and ISO27001 with a focus on advisory services. As well as project consulting, we regularly work with our clients in a virtual CISO or Information Security Manager capacity.

Maturity Assessment

A Cyber Maturity Assessment from Slipstream is designed to help our customers to baseline and roadmap their journey to improved cyber maturity. Using frameworks such as NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), ISO27001, CIS-18 or the ASD (Australian Signals Directorate) Essential 8, our experienced consultants can assess the effectiveness of current security measures and make pragmatic recommendations about the most practical route to greater security maturity.

Security Framework Review

Slipstream can help mature organisations that have implemented an ISMS (Information Security Management System) or are seeking accreditation against ISO27001, IRAP, SOC2, or other standards to achieve compliance and certification. We follow a phased approach that supports all levels, through readiness assessments, gap analyses and implementation support.

Maturity Uplift & Transformation

Once you have the prioritised maturity roadmap or the target operating model in mind, it can still be daunting to achieve all the measures, with a lack of domain experience, or simple resources. Slipstream can provide both experience and resources to assist – often in the form of Trusted Advisor drawdown contracts.

Virtual CISO

For many smaller organisations, the option to employ a Chief Information Security Officer is simply not practical. However, the need to have both strategic guidance and tactical operational support in delivering Cyber Security improvement is common for organisations of all sizes.

The Slipstream Virtual CISO provides businesses the support needed to manage cyber security risk while executing on their corporate strategy.

Data Privacy Impact Assessments

The increase in data privacy regulation in Australia and around the world, in combination with the increased likelihood of ransomware attacks exfiltrating PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data, make understanding where and how you store and transmit regulated PII data a vital exercise. With coal-face experience of data breaches, Slipstream is an ideal partner to help with Data Privacy assessments.

Board and Executive Briefings

Slipstream’s executive consultants have delivered briefings to executives at all levels including ASX boards, large privately held corporations and Commonwealth and UK Government ministers. We can arrange bespoke briefings to support risk, cyber transformation, incident response and general Board Awareness.

Red/Purple Teaming

With experts across both Defensive and Offensive security, as well as Threat Intelligence domains, Slipstream are your ideal partner for Red Teaming. Our Red Team engagements are delivered by multidisciplinary teams that include penetration testers, threat intelligence experts and defensive specialists. By combining these three disciplines Slipstream can offer realistic simulated attacks profiled on real scenarios and tailored to the customer’s specific environment and industry.

Penetration Testing

Slipstream employs a CREST Accredited team of penetration testers who are continually upping their game to stay one step ahead of the attackers. Our testers hold industry standard certifications such as OSCP, CRT and CISSP and have experience across all industry sectors. Slipstream’s DFIR & SOC teams see new active cyber-attacks daily. For us it is not theoretical. That practical experience feeds into everything else we do and so, our penetration testers are testing for vulnerabilities from real attacks, ensuring we keep our clients ahead of emerging threats.

Awareness Training

Employees are the first line of defence against Cyber threats and so it is vital that staff are aware of the risks, their responsibilities, how to spot and what to do about phishing and cyber-attacks. Slipstream offer in-person and tailored awareness training that is personal, relevant and engaging.

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